2014 Softball Registration

softballRegistration for the 2014 softball season is about to begin this week.  There will be hundreds of boys and girls of all skill levels playing, so come out and join them!  Everyone is welcome.

Registration is split between our Community Association (Rookie League) and Zone 2 Softball (Junior League – Raiders).  Each league is split into three age categories based on year of birth:

Rookie League:

Blast Ball – born 2008-2010

Rookie – born 2006-2007

Mite – born 2004-2005


Junior League – Raiders:

Squirt – born 2002-2003

Pee Wee – born 200-2001

Bantam – born 1998-1999


To register for our softball league, see our Register page.  For more information on the Zone 2 Softball league, click here.