Neighbourhood Facts


  • Our community used to be divided in two and was developed as Churchill (north) and Adelaide Park (south) with Ruth Street as the dividing line.
  • When the City of Saskatoon redrew its neighbourhood boundaries in the 1990s, the north and south sections were combined into Adelaide Churchill.

Churchill School was built in 1956 and served as a public school for just under 30 years before closing – the grounds are now home to the Churchill Gardens condominium development.

  • Hugh Cairns V.C. School opened in 1960 and was named after a Canadian soldier from WWI who was from Saskatoon (awarded the Victoria Cross).
  • Cairns Avenue is named for John Cairns, a local pioneer (used to be 12th Avenue until 1954).
  • Churchill Shopping Centre, opened in 1957, is thought to be the oldest shopping centre in Saskatoon.
  • Most homes were built between 1946 to 1970:  785 home between 1946 and 1960 and 325 between 1961 and 1970.  There was also a mini-boom in the 1980s when approximately 95 more homes were built.
  • Our federal electoral district is Blackstrap, represented by Lynne Yelich.
  • Our community crosses two provincial constituencies:  Saskatoon Eastview, represented by Corey Tochor, and Saskatoon Nutana, represented by Cathy Sproule.
  • Our community is in Municipal Ward 7, represented by Mairin Loewen.

‚Äč  More information about the Adelaide Park Churchill Neighbourhood is available here from the city of Saskatoon Neighbourhood Profile.

More community information to come.


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