Discover Agriculture in the City

Agriculture in the City is a free, family oriented,

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urban festival that explores how food and farming are all around us, every day. The event offers people of all ages a chance to explore the vibrant and innovative world of agriculture – a world that involves exciting careers, biotechnological advancements that improve our daily lives, and of course, the food on our plates. Last year, thousands of visitors enjoyed the interactive and educational displays, exhibits and contests illustrating the depth of our industry.

Ag in the City’s goal is to educate urban audiences about agriculture – as our society becomes more urbanized, people lose their connection to agriculture.  By understanding modern agricultural practices, consumers can make informed decisions about healthy food choices, value Saskatchewan made products and recognize the importance of the industry to regional, national and global economy.

Our next Ag in the City event will be held in Saskatoon on Saturday, April 5th, 2014. We invite you to visit our website ( to find out more about our organizing committee, our purpose and last year’s activities. We ask that you help us to promote this event around your community via your website, newsletter, facebook, etc.  Whatever venue you are able to provide, we would appreciate very much.

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