New Fire Station

New Fire Station: Improving Community Response

Spring 2017: Work to Begin on Fire Station No. 3

After completing an efficiency review of its operations and community meetings, the Saskatoon Fire Department has developed a new service model that will involve moving Fire Station No. 3 from Taylor Street and York Avenue to 2613 Clarence Avenue South.

This new facility will:

  • Improve response times.
  • Maintain an active, healthy & safe city.
  • Have community-use space.

Based on a design and construction start date of Winter 2017, a completion target for the project has been set for Summer 2018.

An estimate of the planning process and timeline for completion of the Fire Station No. 3 is as follows:

  •  Project Tendered – January 2017
  •  Project Tender Awarded – March/April 2017
  •  Design and Construction – March/April 2017 – May 2018
  •  Project Substantially Complete – May 2018
  • Operations Begin – June 2018

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