Outdoor Soccer Season is Here!

OUTDOOR SOCCER SEASON IS HERE.  APCCA is joining forces with EASTVIEW Community Association for the outdoor season. Registration deadline is March 16th!
Please register online at:  https://eastview.goalline.ca/
We are only able to offer soccer when parents are able to coach. We would like to have a coach and assistant coach for each team. When registering, please fill in your availability to coach. As a soccer coordinator, I am a Volunteer. Please make my job easier by telling me you are able to coach or assistant coach.Thank you!
Season Length: 8 weeks:  May-June
Mini League Format: Mini-Soccer Leagues are intended to be NON-COMPETITIVE and FUN.  Emphasis is on learning, NOT RESULTS, and therefore NO STANDINGS are kept.
Coaches will be needed. Hopefully you can help. Get your Respect in Sport certification, criminal record check and attend coaching clinic (depending on experience).
It’ll be a great season of developmental, fun, and community building soccer.
Soccer Tournament Saturday June 2 at Adelaide Park/Hugh Cairns School 
Thank you!