Remember to Recycle!

Trees and ribbons and bows, oh my!  It's that time of year where everyone is excited for Christmas morning to come and presents can finally be unwrapped.  And when there are no presents left under the tree and you are surrounded by wrapping paper, bags, and bows, remember to do your part and recycle what you can!

In Canada, the annual waste from gift wrap and bags equals approximately 545,000 tonnes!  If wrapping paper is still good, reuse it next year.  The same goes for bags, ribbons, and bows.  Anything that has seen its last days should go in your recycle bin.

Also, be mindful of getting rid of old electronics and appliances if you receive new ones.  Instead of throwing them in the garbage, try selling them or taking them to your local SARCAN depot if they are accepted.  Or donate them to a place in need.

Finally, don't forget about your Christmas tree if you have a real one.  Every year, the City of Saskatoon sets up temporary drop offs to collect them from December 26th to January 31st.  Trees collected are turned into mulch and used in the parks.

Have a great Christmas, everyone!