Rink Coordinator Needed ASAP

ShovelDo you know an individual or group who would enjoy earning up to a $1,000 honorarium for maintaining the St. Philip's rink for the upcoming winter?  The APCCA has a rink coordinator position open and is in need of an individual or group who would be willing to volunteer to help us out.

The job duties include flooding the ice, shovelling, and light maintenance.  As the coordinator, you will also hold an executive position on our community association and should attend our monthly meetings to discuss any issues with the rink.

Your time will help provide the rink for our neighbourhood to enjoy during the winter.  The time commitment varies and is dependent on the weather.  Do you remember how much snow we received last year?!  We need individuals who can commit to clearing the ice after each snowfall, whether we get snow every day or once a week!

We are looking for an individual or group who is interested and passionate about sports and community involvement.  Without you, running the St. Philip's rink will be difficult this year.

For more information, please email info@adelaidechurchill.ca to learn more.