Saskatoon Mass Notification System Launched

The City of Saskatoon Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) today launched NotifyNOW, a new mass notification system. It means Saskatoon residents can receive information via direct text, voice mail, and e-mail messages in emergency situations that could affect them or their property.

An emergency could include any situation in which residents would be required to take some form of precautionary action as a result of a major blizzard, tornado warning, plane crash, hazardous goods spill, etc.

To create its contact database, the EMO purchased the phone numbers listed in the 2013-2014 Saskatoon SaskTel Phonebook. This database will be used only in emergency situations. Residents who do not have a phone number listed in this phonebook, or who wish to customize how they receive messages, can sign up on the EMO’s website.

Upon reviewing the system and signing up, you are able to list numerous phone numbers and email addresses and rank them in the order you wish them to be used as a contact.  You can request text messages instead of phone calls.  You are able to set up notifications for many sections of the city, so you could set one up for your work, your spouse's work, your child's school, and your own home neighbourhood, and you will be notified if an emergency occurs in one of your relevant areas.

This emergency measure is an important step to reach all citizens of Saskatoon quickly, provide them with up-to-date information, and give guidance on actions to take. 

Please take the few minutes to set up your account and locations through the NotifyNow section of the City of Saskatoon's website.