Traffic Review Meeting

A public Traffic Review meeting will be held on Thursday, June 11, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Hugh Cairns School.

A neighbourhood review aims to get input from area residents about neighbourhood issues relating to speed, pedestrian safety and increased traffic volume, short cutting, etc. Only local and collector streets are reviewed as part of a neighbourhood; arterials are treated differently.

A typical neighbourhood review will begin with a community meeting held early in year, typically between January to March to engage area residents and hear about their concerns.

The Transportation Division then reviews these concerns and follows up with traffic volume, speed and pedestrian studies in areas identified as a major concern and field reviews will be completed. Traffic monitoring data will be used to determine the recommended mitigation, such as signage or traffic calming measures, and a full plan will be presented to residents at a secondary meeting. We welcome as much feedback and comments as we can get, so we also offer the plans and online discussions at Shaping Saskatoon for a month. Once the plan is received and agreed upon by residents, it is then submitted to City Council for approval.

Once a plan is approved by council, the measures are implemented.

  • Signage may be installed (pedestrian crosswalks, no parking, stop and yield, speed signs)

  • Traffic calming may be installed temporary until proven effective

  • Sidewalks or any other permanent measures may be installed when funding is available.

Citizens can report neighbourhood traffic concerns by calling Transportation Customer Service at306-975-2454 or by completing a Community Traffic Issue report.