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What are Our Goals?

The Executive strives to achieve the successful operation of the APCCA by:

  • communicating community and city issues to residents.
  • organizing activities, events or sports considered desirable by residents.
  • pursuing fundraising projects that are beneficial to the well-being and advancement of the community.
  • addressing residents' concerns to the best of our abilities.
  • calling public meetings on important topics.
  • representing the community to the rest of the outside world.


Who are We?

We are all volunteers! We give our time and energy to help make our community a thriving and exciting place to live.

Responsibilities vary by position and are listed below. Our current Executive includes:

President (Deb Hockley)
Overall leader of the community association requiring strong organizational skills to be able to coordinate activities, chair meetings, and see that association objectives are carried out.

Vice-President ( Currently Vacant)
Works closely with and assists the President in the overall leadership and group building of the association.

Secretary (Currently Vacant)
Important position for maintaining effective records and administration. Records all proceedings of the association, ensures meetings are organized by providing an agenda, and takes and distributes informative minutes.

Treasurer ( Darilyn Weiss)
Responsible for the association's overall financial matters and should have an understanding of accounting and a working knowledge of the bylaws governing the community's operation. Reviews procedures and financial reporting, provides monthly financial statements for review, keeps association within approved budget, and maintains up-to-date and well-kept records.

Indoor Coordinator (Teri Gadzella)
Responsible for the planning, management and coordination of all indoor recreational activities, fine arts and crafts programs. Plays a vital role in helping find instructors, booking gym space, and working with the schools and City of Saskatoon for all paperwork required.

Newsletter Coordinator ( Currently Vacant)
Creates all newsletters and notices for the association (usually 4 per year). Responsible for invoicing businesses for ads and collecting money, and working with volunteers to have newsletters delivered or taking necessary steps with Canada Post to have letter carriers complete deliveries.

St. Philip Rink Coordinator (Shaun Farrell)
Hugh Cairns V.C. Rink Coordinator
Provides overall administration and maintenance of rink operations.

Social Coordinator (Tammy Sutherland)
Organizes and coordinates social activities for the association, works with volunteers to organize and host community events, and applies for grants for additional funding of events.

Basketball Coordinator (Jackie Thakore)
Organizes and coordinates the basketball league for the association, holds registration, creates teams, finds coaches, and provides schedules and necessary equipment.

Softball Coordinator (Vacant)
Organizes and coordinates the softball league for the association, holds registrations, creates teams, finds coaches, and provides schedules and necessary equipment.

Soccer Coordinator ( John Durkin)
Organizes and coordinates the soccer league for the association, holds registration, works with SYSA to make teams, finds coaches, and provides necessary equipment.

Membership Coordinator (Vacant)
Coordinates the selling of memberships through membership drives and maintains an accurate membership list.

Member at Large – Soocer Coordinator Assistant (Cynthia Foster)
Member at Large – St. Philip School Liason (Cynthia Foster)
Member at Large – Hugh Cairns V.C. School Liason (Vacant)
Member at Large – Membership Coordinator Assistant (Vacant)
Member at Large – Website Coordinator (Vacant)
Member at Large – St. Philip Rink Volunteer Coordinator (Jan Shulte)
Conduct projects to further the goals of the association, work with the schools as a liason, and assist various coordinators in providing services for the community.



We are always looking for new volunteers. Even if there are no empty positions, we always need help with events, newsletters, facility maintenance…any time you are willing to donate is fantastic. We'll find something for you! Please contact info@adelaidechurchill.com for more information.





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